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Updated: Feb 20, 2018

You are entering the mind and heart of a man that made a decision to live longer and live healthier.  Journey along and become part of the empowering source for a determined man

Meet Chester.

Chester's goal is to lose 150lbs and to inspire millions of people around the world while he becomes inspired by the millions of people that cross his path.  Chester will be working with multiple trainers and nutritionists all around upstate New York.

Chester's story is not unlike those of many others around the world. At times, he too struggles to find the motivation to start and complete something. However, Chester's main struggle has become his weight. He struggles to find clothes that fit him. He struggles to eat out or in front of people thinking they might pass judgemenmt. 

Follow us to help inspire and motivate Chester as he embarks on one of the biggest challenges of his life.  It will take more than one person.  This journey will need more then just one voice.  We can change Chester's life and thereby change the lives of many all around the world; with a little faith and encouragement you can actually influence the world.

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